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Web Scraping


Data visualization

You show the data, we scrape it. We develop also web crawlers that will go through pages and collect needed information

We develop and implement automations that will scale up your business.

We can do visualizations
and make the data looks beautiful. We also develop bots with user-like behavior.

Web page audit


Web3 data scraping

We can do website audit for SEO to see opportunities of website improvements.

We develop software monitoring data. You can use it for monitoring competitors, prices or data on your own website.

We can scrape web3 data for you
- Crypto, NFTs, etc. Web3 data can help you build your business in the new standard of the internet.

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Scraping servis process:

Consultation - At the beginning, we have to talk about your case to think about the best solution.

We check out the website and prepare software to scrape the data.

Scraping time!

We deliver the data in the format and way to want.

Use Data to grow your business

Base your business on real world data, not the assumptions. We can help you get this data.